About Us

We are the professionally managed company promoted by professionals form different fields. We introduce ourselves as a Bookkeeping, Human Resource & Taxation solution Firm, rendering services for your entire payroll and other HR needs. We endeavor to reduce your workload and be an integral part of your organization. So that you may have motivated employees who will concentrate on your core activity. – Thereby increasing your business and profitability. Our expertise emphasizes on reducing the burden of your HR / Accounts Personnel in the different areas



Our Sales planning is very simple just like EverGreen Formula.



A= Non Core Area (Client Weakness)

B= Our Core Area (Client Weakness)

C=Our Sales Achievement (Client Satisfaction).


     Now the small magic Comes



It means WE ( You  & ViableKraft ) both are in Profit.

One of the most recent changes in the modern organization is the use of outsourcing to perform the company’s functions. In traditional companies, we had departments to fulfill most, if not all functions: sales, manufacturing, marketing, Human Resource, Training and so on. Most organization today eschew as many functions as possible and instead hire outside firms to do them all. In a sense they create Virtual Organisations. Organisations that are really a confederation of independent service providers.


The major advantages are :


You need not own or maintain facilities and functions that require substantial resources. It obviously cuts down the need for capital investment.


Today, for various obvious reasons, it is essential to maintain confidentiality of HR and Payroll information. We ascertain complete confidentiality in maintaining your data, within and outside your Organisation.


Your precious personnel can concentrate on creative thinking, your core activities and increase profitability of your Organisation.


You need not invest in expensive software and spend money in maintaining and updating the system every time a new version appears, or statutory requirements change. Our in house IT will take care of the integrated payroll and employee tax systems and update whenever needed.







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